Projects that are being implemented as a part of the 11th FYP program by the Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites

List of activities that are currently being undertaken by DCHS

1. Following projects are being implemented as part of the 11th FYP program:
1) Gasa Dzong Conservation Project: Nu. 100 million
2) Paro Ta-dzong Conservation Project: Nu. 60 million
3) Trashigang Dzong Conservation Project: Nu. 180 million
4) Wangdue Dzong Reconstruction Project: Nu. 1000 million
5) Phajoding Conservation Project: Nu. 200 million
6) Pemagatshel Dzong Construction Project: Nu. 530 million
7) National Conservation Laboratory Project: Nu. 77 million
8) Sarpang Dzong Construction Project: Nu. 200 million
9) Wangduecholing Palace restoration and adaptive reuse project (Nu. 12 million + Nu. 299 million)
10) Tango Monastery Restoration Project
11) Cheri Monastery Restoration Project
12) Phajoding Conservation Project
13) Wangditse Restoration Project

Since these projects are time bound and externally funded, each of the projects are implemented with dedicated management team to ensure timely deliverance of the project, which mainly comprises of the above indicated staffs. Currently, there is shortage of man power for the projects and the staffs indicated above are required for strengthening the management team to be able to complete the project within the stipulated time period.

2. Technical Backstopping to the following Dzongkhag projects:
1) Lhakhang Karpo conservation and development project
2) Yonglagoenpa reconstruction project
3) Drametse conservation and development project
4) Construction of Zangdopelri at GoenTshephu
5) Pagar Lhakhang Reconstruction Project
6) Takchu Goenpa reconstruction Project

3. Under the Heritage Building and Cultural Site Section, we also work on the scrutiny and review of the proposals related to heritage sites especially renovation, reconstruction, new construction and development of ancillary structures in all the 20 Dzonkhags. On an average we receive 600-700 proposals per year from all the Dzongkhags for reviewing and scrutinizing. Besides, we are also required to make site visits for assessment and reviewing the feasibility of the proposals in the context of the heritage sites, and on an average we are required make 2-3 site visits in a month.

Statistically, the Scrutiny and approval of proposals for the heritage sites including new construction and from 2008- till date approved:
Renovation = 331 (including ancillary structures)
Reconstruction = 107 (including ancillary structures)
New Construction = 433 (including ancillary structures)

4. Apart from that Division is in the process of legalizing the protection of heritage sites and we have already heritage sites bill, which will be submitted for discussion and endorsement in the next session of parliament. And when the Heritage site bill is enacted, then there will be designated heritages sites, which requires management plan and monitoring.