Tribute to late Dasho Sangay Dorji (1946–2020)

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The news of Druk Thuksey recipient Dasho Sangay Dorji’s passing away on the night of August 17 came as a thunderbolt to the family of the Department of Culture. Barely some six months back, Dasho Sangay Dorji was seen coming to his office in the National Library and Archives in good health and, it is unbelievable that he is now no more amongst us and was snatched away from us by the inevitable law of impermanence. We, the family of the Department of Culture are extremely shocked and saddened by Dasho’s passing away.

After his retirement from the Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) as secretary, Dasho Sangay Dorji worked for the Department of Culture on contract for more than eight years.  During this eight year long period, Dasho had tirelessly worked in research, writing and editing of books and papers on culture and tradition which include Driglam Namzhag (National etiquette of Bhutan), Mitsheyi Jarim (Bhutanese way of life), Guru Rinpocheyi Namthar (Life and legacy of Guru Rinpoche), Drug gi Lamsol Ngotag (Cultural identities of Bhutan), Neyig Kunphen Lamton (Essential guide to sacred sites of Bhutan), Drug gi Ngoemed Lamsol (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bhutan), amongst others. While working with the research project of Guru Rinpoche Namthar, Dasho also contributed many research papers on the topics related to culture, tradition and religion for the Human Value Project of the Royal Secretariat. Dasho was writing the history of pre- Zhabdrung’s era for the Centre for Bhutan Studies and editing and compiling collected speeches of His Majesty the King for the Royal Secretariat before he passed away.

Dasho Sangay Dorji was country’s foremost traditional scholar, historian, and prolific writer and was a man of humility. He was religious, compassionate, pure-hearted man who embodied infinite kindness towards all and was enthusiastic about any responsibility that was given to him. In him was a genuine library, and he was a walking encyclopedia of culture and history. His passing away was a great loss to the nation and creates a void that will never be filled.

The family of the Department of Culture would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of late Dasho. As we join the family in mourning of losing this heart son of Druk Yul likes of whom are rare and few, we mourn too for an irreparable loss of a historic era.

Dasho will be forever remembered as a true heart son of Druk Yul, and we pay our sincere gratitude for your service to the Tsawa Sum. May you attain your noble rebirth soon!

With gratitude and prayers.    

Department of Culture