Gasa Tashithongmoen Dzong Conservation Project

Microsoft Word - Gasa Tashithongmoen Dzong Conservation Project.Name of the Project: Gasa Tashithongmoen Dzong Conservation Project
Location: Gasa
Project Duration: March 2014- June 2018
Main Objectives of the Project:
1. To conserve and rehabilitate Gasa Dzong as a significant heritage site in the country
2. To consolidate and rehabilitate the Dzong structure while maintaining the authentic values
associated with this important heritage site
3. To create better living standard for the Dzong residents
4. To build new Drasha for the monks , as the Dzong significantly lacks the capacity to
accommodate the growing number of monks.

Main activities of the Project:
1. Historical research and documentation of the Dzong
2. Conservation and rehabilitation of the existing Dzong structure
3. Overall site development of the Dzong complex including renovation of courtyard, footpath,
walls and entrance gate
4. New construction of Tshokhang and Drasha- five blocks with RCC toilets
5. Installation of firefighting system
6. Publication of the Gasa Dzong Conservation Project

Funding Agency:
Government of India- For the renovation of Dzong Structure
Royal Government of Bhutan- For New Construction of Drasha
Total allocated budget in 11thFYP (March 24, 2014- June 2018)
Nu. 100 million- from GoI
Nu. 66.75 million (as per the estimate)- Royal Government of Bhutan

Executing Agency of the Project:
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main executing agency of the Project. Under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Gasa Tashithongmoen Dzong Conservation Project Steering Committee is responsible for discharging administrative, technical, financial and organizational duties of the project.

The members of the project steering committee are:
1. Secretary, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
2. Dzongdag, Gasa Dzongkhag
3. Lam Neten, Gasa Rabdey
4. Director General, Department of Culture
5. Head, PPD / AFD, MoHCA
6. Representative, GNHC
7. Representative, Ministry of Finance
8. Representative, Dept. of Forest & Park Services
9. Representative, NRDCL
10. Head, DCHS, Dept. of Culture
11. Project Manager (Gasa DzongConservation Project), Gasa.

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