Lhakhang Caretakers meeting of Wangdi and Bumthang Dzongkhags

The Division for Cultural Property organized 38th and 39th annual Lhakhang Caretakers sensitization meeting of Wangdi and Bumthang dzongkhags on 8th September and 19th September 2017.  There were 90 caretakers in Wangdi and 129 caretakers in Bumthang gathered for a days’ meeting.

A days’ meeting covered on various topic such as identification and its significance of cultural properties, sensitization on fire and theft by RBP representative, conservation and restoration of cultural properties, awareness on 2005 Cultural Property Act and it rules and regulations in parallel to handing taking of Lhakhangs between old and new caretakers, the concerned Rabdey representative gave presentation on basic offerings and its importance. The meeting also focused on keeping the Lhakhangs, Goendey, Dzongs, Drubdey and Shedras clean and neat surroundings and explained on basic etiquette to usher visitors to their lhakhangs. A day’s meeting was graced by Dasho Dzongdags as Chief Guest, Venerable Lam Neten, RPB officers and sector heads of the Dzongkhag Administration as the guests. The meeting ended officially with Q and A and awarding certificates to all caretakers.