Paro Ta Dzong Consolidation Project

Microsoft Word - Paro Ta-dzong Project Profile.docxLocation: Paro
Main Objectives of the Project:
To consolidate and renovate the Ta Dzong building so as to reinstate its function as the National Museum of Bhutan. In the process of renovating, state of the art service amenities required for a museum such as proper lighting system, security surveillance system, emergency exits etc, will be installed.
Main activities of the Project:
1. Preparation of drawings:
i) Detail Structural assessment and redesign in the context of incorporating seismic
resilient measure.
ii) Plumbing and electrical drawings
iii) Fire protection system design and drawings

2. Topography survey of the site
3. Overall consolidation and renovation of the main structure (6 storied) of plinth area of
4. Redesign circulation and exhibition spaces
5. Incorporation of service amenities to enhance the function of the building especially in
the context of lighting, emergency exits, surveillance system, etc.
6. Overall site development
7. Publication of Project report

Funding Agency:
Government of India.
Total allocated budget in 11th FYP (July 2014-June 2018)
Nu. 60 Million

Executive Agency of the Project:
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main executing agency of the Project. Under
the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Paro Ta Dzong
Steering Committee is responsible for discharging administrative, technical, financial and
organizational duties of the project.

The members of the project steering committee are:
1. Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
2. Director, National Museum of Bhutan
3. Head, PPD / AFD, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
4. Director General, Department of Culture
5. Representative, Gross National Happiness Commission
6. Representative, Ministry of Finance
7. Representative, Department of Forest and Park Services or NRDCL
8. Head, Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites
9. Project Manager

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