Phajoding Monastery Conservation Project

2. Phajoding project profile-1Location: Phajoding, Thimphu
Main Objectives of the Project:
To conserve, rehabilitate and develop Phajoding.
Main activities of the Project:
1. Topographical survey of the site.
2. Historical research and documentation of all the temples and other structures of Phajoding.
3. Installation of ropeway cable from Sangaygang to Phajoding.
4. Renovation and rehabilitation of historic temples, monks’ residence, hermitages and other ancillary buildings.
5. Installation of firefighting system in the four main temples.
6. Construction of a monks’ dormitory, kitchen and dining hall for the monks.
7. Construction of a toilet and shower room for the monks.
8. Site development including renovation of courtyard and footpath, maintenance of retaining walls and drainage system.
9. Publication of the project report.

Funding agency:
The Government of India
Total Budget in 11th Five-year Plan(July 2013 to June 2018):
Nu. 200 million
Executing Agency of the Project
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main executing agency of the Project. Under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Phajoding Monastery Conservation Project Steering Committee is responsible for discharging administrative, technical, financial and organizational duties of the project.

The members of the project steering committee are:
1. Secretary, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
2. Principal, Phajoding Shedra
3. Director General, Department of Forest & Park Services
4. Director General, Department of Culture
5. Chief Executive Officer, Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited
6. Representative, Gross National Happiness Commission
7. Representative, Ministry of Finance
8. Head, Division for the Conservation of Heritage Sites, Department of Culture
9. Project Manager, Phajoding Conservation Project- Member Secretary

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