Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of Wangduecholing Palace Project

Microsoft Word - 170129_Wangduecholing  project profileLocation: Wangduechholing, Bumthang
Background of the project:
Wangduechholing palace, which is hailed as the birthplace of Bhutan’s monarchy, is one of the most important historical monuments in the country. Currently, as the palace has ceased to serve its traditional function, nor is it being properly used for any purpose, the historic structure is poorly maintained and let to deteriorate. Therefore, the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs with the assistance of Bhutan Foundation is undertaking the project- Restoration and adaptive reuse of Wangduechholing palace- to restore and conserve the historic monument. Once restored, the palace, which is a living testimony of how Bhutan emerged from a warring feudal state to a peaceful nation led by the Wangchuck dynasty, is expected to serve as an important avenue in educating the Bhutanese, and other visitors on this integral aspect of Bhutan’s history. The palace also forms an important tangible link to the premodern era of Bhutan and the way of life based on rich Buddhist culture and traditions during the period.
Main Objectives of the Project:
To conserve and restore the historic monument which is hailed as the birthplace of monarchy in Bhutan, through means of adaptive reuse.
Main activities of the Project:
1. Topographical survey of the site.
2. Architectural documentation
3. Structural condition assessment
4. Intervention and consolidation plans
5. Technical plans
6. Museum organizational plan
7. Historical research and documentation
8. Publication of the project report
9. Rehabilitation and consolidation of the Lingka Lhakhang.
10. Restoration of Shabkhor of the palace
11. Site development including renovation of courtyard and footpath, maintenance of retaining walls and drainage system.
12. Publication, not limited to project report.
Funding agency:
Bhutan Foundation and US Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) and Bhutan Foundation
Total Budget for phase-I & II (May 2015 to September 2017): Nu. 51.3 million (USD 200,000 Bhutan Foundation and USD 560,000.00 AFCP)
Executing Agency of the Project
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main executing agency of the Project.
Monitoring agency of the project: The Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites under the Department of Culture, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main agency responsible for the overall coordination and execution of the project.