Tango Restoration Project

Microsoft Word - Project Report till January 2017.docxProject Location : Tango, Thimphu Dzongkhag.
Main Objectives of the Project:
Consolidation of Tango Utse, while maintaining authentic value associated with this important heritage sites.
Main activities of the Project:
1. Preparation of Design and Drawings(Architectural & Structural)
2. Consolidation of the Utse Structure
3. Landscaping and Site Developments
4. Installation of firefighting system
5. Re-electrification of entire Tango monastery complex

Funding Agency : Royal Government of Bhutan.
Total allocated budget : Nu. 81 million
Executive Agency of the Project:
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is the main executing agency of the Project. Under
the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Tango & Chari
Restoration Project Steering Committee is responsible for discharging administrative, technical,
financial and organizational duties of the project.
The members of the project steering committee are:
1. Secretary, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
2. Director General, Department of Culture
3. Head, PPD / AFD, MoHCA
4. Representative, GNHC
5. Representative, Ministry of Finance
6. Representative, Dept. of Forest & Park Services
7. Representative, NRDCL
8. Head, DCHS, Dept. of Culture
9. Project Manager

Implementing agency of the project:
Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites under the Department of Culture, Ministry of Home
and Cultural Affairs is the main agency responsible for the implementation of the project.

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