Bhutan-Swiss Archaeology Project Archaeology in Bhutan


What is Archaeology?

‘Archaeology’ is the scientific study of material remains from past human life and activities, including human artifacts from the very earliest Stone Age to material objects from our recent past. It involves the study of human activity mainly through the recovery and analysis of their material culture and environmental data which includes architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes and location through surveying, topography mapping, excavation, classification, dating, and interpretation of materials. Archaeological investigations are a principal source of modern knowledge of prehistoric, ancient, and extinct cultures.
Bhutan has many undiscovered archaeological sites such as ancient architectural ruins of dzongs (fortress) and manor houses, trade routes, burial grounds, settlements and caves which have existed for hundreds of years without too much human interference. Currently in Bhutan, the importance of archaeology has not gained prominence. Additionally, rapid development in the country poses a threat to our archaeological sites. Therefore, the main purpose of this programme is to create awareness on the importance of archaeology in Bhutan and to inculcate the archaeology strategy in the field of conservation and promotion of cultural heritage sites and the protection of unique cultural landscape of Bhutan as a whole.


5:00 PM    Arrival of guests

5:30 PM    Arrival of the Hon’ble Chief Guest

5:35 PM    Welcome address by the Director, Department of Culture, MoHCA

5:45 PM     Introduction to Bhutan – Swiss Archaeology Project by Dr. Eberhard Fischer, the Secretary  General, Swiss Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad (SLSA)

6:00 PM    Address by Mr. Hansruedi Pfeiffer, the Country Director, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Bhutan

6:15 PM   Introduction to the Continuing Education Programme (CEP) titled ‘Practice in Archaeology in Bhutan’by Prof. Dr. Philippe Della Casa, University of Zurich (Institute of Archaeology)

6:30 PM    Award of Certificate to the participants of CEP and launching of “Heritage Sites Journal 3 – Archaeology in Bhutan ” by the Chief Guest

6:50 PM    Vote of thanks by the Head, Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites , DoC

7:00 PM    Poster presentation/ exhibition by the participants of CEP

7:30 PM    Dinner